Landlords very rarely have the luxury of a ‘do nothing’ or ‘wait and see’ approach when owning their assets. With the lasting impact of COVID-19 on the commercial real estate market, for landlords understanding the challenges of their tenants and mitigating income risk is critical for effective asset management.

Effective asset management covers a wide range of measures all of which have the ultimate goal of enhancing value through the pro-active delivery of the overall strategy. This requires regularly identifying and anticipating future market trends in order to ensure initiatives are undertaken that along with enhancing value eliminates any unnecessary risk.

Highlighted below are some of the more common asset management initiatives that we have undertaken:

Identifying and achieving alternative uses for a building/site prior to disposal

Minimising voids through effective marketing and disposal campaigns

Repositioning buildings through a strategic refurbishment programme

Improving investment performance and lease profile through effective tenant engagement

Acquiring buildings in near vicinity to create additional marriage value

In undertaking the above we will procure or work with established best in class professional teams (FMs/PMs/Agents/Solicitors/Project Managers etc.) to drive the performance of an asset whilst managing the delivery of the overall strategy.

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